A Lady’s Guide to High Hiking

If being “high” makes us more open to these things, then we become more open to everything else, and that brings me to the consideration of interacting and encountering other people while on the hike. Especially as a girl, I find it important to always project confidence while hiking, walking, dancing in a club, etc. in any situation where I might be approached. The message that I would like to ideally send is “I’m confident, strong and kind”.

So with this in mind, when there is another hiker coming towards us, we are faced with several choices of how we want to appear and how we respond.

If a couple is walking my way, I never look at the guy. This way, I keep good vibes with the girl, and if he chooses to look at me a bit too much, that’s on him, and between them.
If it’s a single guy, I feel out the energy and decide if I want to look and say hi or just look away (or at his pet if he’s got one). With girls, I do the same thing. Feel the energy of who is coming towards me and decide to engage or not.

If someone has a pet, and you don’t feel like engaging with them, it’s still polite to just look at their pet and smile adoringly. When someone sees their pet being adored, they tend to soften up and respond positively as well.

With any variation of this, intuition is always our best guide; just remember to keep your core strong and intentions towards others pure. I love looking at little kids; they usually return an attentive look of curiosity. Being still very instinctual, I find them to be very good at reading people, while unconcerned about the opinions of others about them.

And lastly, I always try to be mindful of my posture when hiking.

It’s a good time to reconnect with our body and work out any kinks. This hike was relatively short but the benefits were huge. By the end of the hike I had perma-smile on my face and my body was feeling worked and relaxed.  I had soaked up a lot of the good stuff and was ready to tackle the rest of my “free time” today.”








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