SLIMPEN Makes Even Cleaning Fun!

No one actually likes to clean. Am I right? I mean, we all have our chores we favor over others, but they are after all called chores because they are just a pain to do. It can be overwhelming too, if tackling a whole house or apartment. And I know my brain just wants to explode in a situation like this. So, this is where cannabis has really stepped it up for me. The mental preparation and ritual that I partake in, to ease my cleaning woes, has been to sit down for a moment with my Slimpen and get myself right for the tasks ahead. It does two things for me that make my cleaning easier and more enjoyable.

1. I am able to focus. Where as, before hitting my SLIMPEN, it feels overwhelming and I don’t know where exactly to start and in which order to do things, after my ritual, I get right into it. I forget so much about the order and all the things I have to do and just dive into the first thing that feels right, and it usually flows from there.

2. I get really into each task, a bit obsessive one might say, but man, it gets done well and the result ends up being a very complete job. Sparkling baby.

Now, I have had times in my life where I have been able to hire help for my cleaning, and I am always excited when that’s a good option for me. But that is not always my reality and when the job needs to get done by me, myself and I, then SLIMPEN is there to make it a much more pleasant experience for me and to the benefit of everyone involved. I’m talking about my husband and kids in this case. Who by the way, I do assign several chose to, depending on what I feel that they can do without holding full resentment towards me. It’s a delicate balance. ‘Til next time, this is @sacredfoods, reporting back from the land of functional cannabis inspired adventures.








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