Social Anxiety & Cannabis

Ever tried some cannabis before going to a party? I feel like most of us who use it, have definitely done this, thinking it’s going to make it more fun…but did it?? Some of us get social anxiety after we use cannabis. I for one sure do. I probably have a little bit of it already (the social anxiety) but cannabis certainly heightens the sensation and creates more of a desire to go inwards.

So, I wanted to examine this and ask why this may be the case for so many of my friends with whom I have had discussions with about this effect.

My personal theory is that cannabis makes us connect better to ourselves and thus, going inward is a reaction of the subconscious. It is, after all, a conscious altering substance; one that takes us out of where we are and creates a whole new perspective.

This can be very helpful when we are feeling stuck emotionally and are spinning in our brain. I have one Austrian friend who used to call that a ‘head circus’. Cannabis helps to snap us out of it and often makes one see the same idea in a completely different light.

So, I try to look at the ritual with my SLIMPEN as a sacred one and to be conscious of how I might feel in certain situations when using it. It’s not always possible to predict how we will react to cannabis because our emotional state is always in flux, but we can make a pretty good estimate if we pay attention. Self-awareness is a great exercise whether we use cannabis or not, but is really aided by it, in my opinion. There are other tools for self-awareness too, of course, such as yoga or meditation, (and I enjoy both of those) but I love to tune in with my SLIMPEN in its own special way. So be gentle, my friends and use mindfully.








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